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Outtake from a professional business headshot session...

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While I was archiving images from last week I noticed a pretty cool trend…every corporate headshot image we shot during the previous week was of a woman in business. We photographed a few lawyers, a scientist, a real estate broker, a couple of women in higher education and at least one Doctor.

Corporate Headshot Photographer Studio

The studio for a corporate headshot photographer can be a huge warehouse or a small office space...

All the sessions were fun for me, as I always try to learn something about and from our clients and these women all had their own story. Some of them liked being in front of the camera…some…not so much. Regardless of my subjects affinity or disdain for the camera, our job as a Philadelphia corporate headshot photographers is to create the best image possible.  We consistently lead our clients down a path to great imagery and effectively create a CONFIDENT and APPROACHABLE image that you’ll love.

A lot of people stress that a corporate headshot has to look POWERFUL and while that statement is true on a basic level there are other things that need to be addressed before power:

  1. Is the image in focus?
  2. Is the background distracting?
  3. Do you appear trustworthy?
  4. Does the image look like you?
  5. Is the light flattering and clearly shows your face?
San Diego Corporate Headshots a division of Rouse Photography group, LLC helps business professional create powerful impressions with a contemporary and effective corporate headshots. If you need additional information or you would like our advice or help on professional portraiture, please contact us at 888-984-4777.
Outtake from a professional business headshot session...
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